Two Hypnosis Methods To Copy To Convince Your Customers

Today hypnosis is no more a circus attraction.

It’s a discipline used in hospitals to help to treat some diseases and health conditions, and
also to replace anesthesia.

Here are two methods to apply to your online marketing and inspired by hypnotherapists.

What Exactly Is Hypnosis?

It is much simpler than we think.

As a first step, hypnosis usually involves you to experience a sense of deep relaxation with
your attention narrowed down, in which your unconscious is much more receptive.

In a second step, you focus on positive suggestions made by the hypnotherapist, intended
to change your behavior (for instance to quit smoking) or simply to make you feel better.

For example, while a surgeon is cutting into skin, the patient might be thinking about being
on a paradisiac beach with waves lapping at his feet, and wouldn’t feel any pain.

That’s one of the reasons why Milton Erickson is often considered as a genius.

His work has greatly influenced many modern schools of hypnosis, and has helped the
creators of the Neuro-Linguistic Programming John Grinder and Richard Bandler to form
some of its foundational models.

Method #1: The Stronger We Believe In Something,
The Better It Works

The stronger the patient believes in something, the better hypnosis will work.

This is not surprising: studies proved that this principle also applies to medication.

Researchers gave soporifics to a group of people, after they convinced them they took
particularly efficient stimulants.

They gave stimulants to a second group, after they convinced them they took powerful

Guess what happened?

Most of the guinea pigs of the first group who took soporifics became agitated, while the
second group who took stimulants felt tired and sleepy.

How To Use This In Your Online Marketing:

In online marketing, it’s the same thing.

The more your customers believe in you, the more they will feel that your
products are efficient to solve their problems.

So, make your customers believe in you by creating trust and confidence.

Look at the fans of certain brands: a geek who only swears by Apple will always find a good
reason to justify a bug or a poorly conceived function because he believes in Apple brand.

Method #2: The Art Of Asking The Right Questions

During a hypnosis session, a good hypnotherapist will never ask you to relax, but make
you notice by yourself that you are relaxing.

For instance, instead of just saying you «relax», he will tell you:
«while you are comfortably seated on this chair, you feel that you are more and more relaxed”.

The therapist creates a subtle relation between a real fact (you are comfortably seated
on this chair) and the future result he expects (to relax yourself). These two elements are linked
temporally by the use of words such as “during” or “while”.

By making your unconscious believe that you are relaxed, you are actually
becoming relaxed.

The same way, a magnetizer who wants you to feel the current transmitted through his
hands will ask you:

“Do you feel the current transmitted through my hands more on your left arm or in your
right arm?”

He will never ask you only:

“Do you feel the current transmitted through my hands?”

Magicians do the same thing too.

They divert your attention by asking questions that already contain the answer they want
you to say.

How To Use This In Your Online Marketing:

In online marketing, you can use this method by asking your customers questions like:

“Do you prefer the teleseminar to take place on Tuesday at 11h am or on Thursday at 15h?”

Rather than:

“Are you interested in a teleseminar?”

When you promote an offer, ask your customers to choose an offer, rather than only asking
them if they want to buy your offer.

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