SELLING TECHNIQUES (1/4): The Art Of Proposing Big And Selling Small

Here is a series of 4 formidable and little known selling techniques to apply to your online
marketing and negotiations and used by top sellers, negotiators or politicians.

They use a subtle manipulation to obtain what you really expect from people, and can make
a real difference for the insiders in the know (such as you after your reading of this series).

The first one consists in proposing an offer that requires a great sacrifice, which
is likely to be turned down, in order to make the second proposal acceptable.

A Few Examples

When you contact a real estate agent to buy an apartment, there is a lot to bet that he will
make you visit one or several apartments beyond your budget, before showing you
apartments in the price range you asked for.

Car dealers use exactly the same technique if you want to buy a car: the first model they
show you is often more expensive than what you can afford.

Result: The second proposition often sounds more acceptable and more likely to
be considered, even if you would have turned it down if it was proposed first.

Studies Prove It Works

Psychological studies proved that we are more likely to make a sacrifice
and accept an offer when we declined a more important one just before.

One of these studies consisted in asking a first group of strangers in the street
to take care of offenders several days per month and to commit over a long period
of time.

After most of them logically refused, they were then asked if they would agree to
spend only a few hours during one week end taking care of the offenders.

To a second group of people, psychologists presented only the second proposition.

The results speak for themselves: the rate of positive responses was substantially
higher in the first group, which was asked first to make a bigger sacrifice.

Why Does It Work

There are two reasons why we are more likely to accept an offer after having just turned
down one that required a sacrifice too big:

– We unconsciously measure the price of the second offer in function of the
first offer.

– We feel embarrassed to have turned down the first offer, and we “apologize”
by committing to the second.
The seller made one step towards us, and we need
to reciprocate by making a compromise in our turn.

How To Use This Technique In Your Online
Marketing And Negotiations

Negotiators, be they sales representatives, trade unionists, lobbyists or
politicians, are fond of this strategy.

They know that a proposition is more likely to be accepted if it is preceded by another
offer, much more important and that has all the chances to be turned down.

Watch the debates in the House of Representatives, follow the negotiations between
employers and trade unions.

You will find that this technique is used all the time, and it works.

That is why many internet marketers often propose a high price for their products in
their sales pages, and immediately after they offer a discount and additional bonuses.

That makes their offer perceived as acceptable and ready to be considered.

The next time you negotiate your salary or a contract, you will know that it is better
to have the first word, and propose an amount higher than you expect.

You have nothing to lose, you have even a (small) chance that your first
offer is accepted.

Use also this technique in your web marketing. In your sales pages, propose first a
high price for your product, then decrease it immediately through a special offer
limited in time or in number, and add eventually some bonuses.

The technique also works great in the other way. You can use it to buy cheaper, and
tell that your budget is lower than what it really is.

When you announce that you can make an effort, the seller will probably make one in

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