PERSUASION: How to make your customers BUY

When a customer visits your site, he has his own personality and his own buying behavior. If you could know, for each of your customers what exactly will influence his buying decision to take action, that may change your business and your online revenue forever.

This article is all about the psychology of your customers, and what to do to make them buy depending on their personality.

It comes from Derek Halpern:

I will reveal the secret psychology that makes your customers buy.

And before you ask, “Does this work for coaches? Or web designers? Or how about physical products?”

The answer is YES.

Because it’s not about your product or the system you use to sell your product.

It’s about the psychology of your customer. Know what makes them tick, and you can persuade them to buy.

The best part? Do it once. Collect on it forever.

You see, there are three types of people who could visit your website.


The Three Types Of People Who Visit Your Website

* There are people who will instantly buy what you sell.

* There are people who will never buy what you sell.

* And then there are The Sideliners.

Even though we’d love for most people to visit our site and buy what we sell without a hassle, the harsh reality is, most people who visit your site will be what I call a Sideliner.

And there are four types of sideliners:

1. The Indifferent

2. The Skeptic

3. The Worrier

4. The Procrastinator

Who are they? And what makes them different?

I’ll explain:

The Indifferent’s biggest barrier to buying is the fact that they’re thinking: “Does this really matter to me? Do I need it?”
Sometimes it’s true. Sometimes it isn’t.

The Skeptic’s biggest barrier to buying is the fact they’re thinking: “Who are you and why should I trust you?” It’s not that they’re cynical, or paranoid, or anything like that. Often times, these people are just new to your company and they’re not sure if you’re someone they can trust… or someone who’s trying to dupe them.

The Worrier’s biggest barrier to buying is themselves. Whereas the Skeptic questions you, the Worrier questions themselves.

You see, when you’re selling something, people have internal fears about “being the type of person” who can benefit from it.

As an example, someone might see a GREAT new dress shirt, but they might be thinking, “am I the type of person who can pull this off?”

The procrastinator’s biggest barrier to buying is, as you might have guessed, procrastination. This is something all human beings wrestle with, and it’s largely because we’re resistant to change. And while they may want what you’re selling, spending money hurts, and they’ll delay experiencing that pain as long as possible.

If you want to build Yes Engines that turn prospects into raving fans and clients, you’ll need to know how to:

1. Make the Indifferent care

2. Make the Skeptic trust

3. Make the Worrier stop worrying

4. Make the Procrastinator act now

When we’re first getting started, we get excited about what we offer to the world. We think people care about the things we care about.

But that isn’t true. People care about what THEY care about and that’s it.

And that’s why today, I want to show you how to address the concerns of each of these sideliners.

Because I believe, if you can get these sideliners to buy, you will be able to build that six or seven figure business.

#1 How to Make The Indifferent Care

The Indifferent’s biggest barrier is that they don’t care about what you’re selling.

When The Indifferent visits your website, or reads your blog, or sees a Facebook ad, if they don’t immediately get why they should care, they don’t. They’ll just click away.