FREELANCERS: Why Failure Is Necessary For SUCCESS (The KFC Proof)

We often see articles that list the failures of a brand, or of an entrepreneur.

They use a sarcastic tone to show how well they failed.

But what the journalists who write these articles have not understood, is that failure
is a part of success.

Failure is necessary for success, and many great entrepreneurial minds and inventors
embraced that concept.

Success Is Like Making A Puzzle

If you have already made a puzzle, then you don’t believe in failure but in testing.

When you make a puzzle, you try hundreds of combinations between the different pieces,
until you succeed to make all the pieces fit together nicely.

If a piece doesn’t fit with another one, you will never think about calling it a failure.

This is for you only a simple test, and you will need to make several hundreds of such tests
to finally come up with the winning combination.

Thomas Edison had the same state of mind while he was working on the invention of the
light bulb.

He said:

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

And Winston Churchill had the same state of mind too:

“Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.”

So, trying to fit together two pieces of a puzzle is not a failure but a test, an experience, a
step towards success.

Failure Doesn’t Exist, Only Test Does

When you fear failure, you think in terms of risk taking.

Every step ahead brings a new danger: the possibility to fail.

When you consider failure as a simple negative test, the notion of risk disappears and
vanishes like a shadow in the night.

You don’t take risks any more, you simply experiment.

It is essential to change your vision of failure and risk when you start a new business or
launch a new product.

If you are obsessed by failure, you simply throw away the whole puzzle as soon as one piece
doesn’t immediately fit with another one.

However, you have more chances to succeed if you isolate the “guilty” piece and continue
to test the other pieces.

Test, Test, And Test Again: The Example Of Colonel Sanders

Wanting to succeed at the first attempt is like relying exclusively on luck. It is putting your
faith in chance.

Testing different options to find out the good one is, on the contrary, the best way
to work.

At the age of 65, the Colonel Sanders, founder of KFC, was completely broke. His start-up
capital was a social security check of 105 dollars.

He started to travel door to door all over the USA during several months, to collaborate with
a restaurant to help promote his new chicken recipe. He slept in his car.

Colonel Sanders was turned down 1008 times before he heard his first “yes”, at the
1009 attempt.

In other words, Sanders had tried 1008 times before finding the right piece of the puzzle.

A little bit later, he created the company KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken), and by 1964, 600
franchises were selling his trademark chicken.

Today, KFC is an internationally renowned brand that everybody knows.

What people know less is that it is the result of 1008 “failures”.

And you, would have the courage to do the same thing as the famous Colonel?

That’s why, every time you have trouble to find the right piece of the puzzle and need
courage to go ahead, think about this old grandfather travelling all around the USA with
his car.

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