FINANCIAL FREEDOM: The Single Resolution That Can Change Everything

I wanted to make this post a little bit different, and to propose you a business
strategy that has changed the life of many people, and that can really change
yours too, within 365 days.

Are you ready?


Here is your action plan:

Find a Subject You Are Passionate About, And
Learn During One Year

Choose a subject that makes you dream, even if you don’t know anything about
it at this time.

What is your biggest passion?

Mine is to help people design their lifestyle and achieve financial freedom.

Find out what you love doing the most and write it down, whether it is vegetarian
cooking, scuba diving, painting on silk, growing potatoes, training dogs…

Buy about 20 books and video trainings on the subject. Subscribe to
conferences or webinars.

And most importantly: put into practice what you learn.

There is a great quote from Benjamin Franklin saying:

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

So, involve yourself by never stopping testing, testing and testing again the new
concepts you discover.

Continue to read several books or to watch several video trainings per week.

Become an expert. You have 365 days for that.

Take notes as you are learning. Gather and cumulate as much information as possible.
Fill in 10, 20 or 50 notebooks with your notes.

Launch A Product That Gathers The Best Of
Your Learning

Once you managed to reach your goals, embark on the adventure of creating
a product.

An ebook, a DVD, an online training, a course you give in your city, a seminar…

No matter the medium, you will have cumulated enough knowledge to help people solve
their problems; the same problems you had when you started and that you managed to

Indeed, you have spent a whole year testing all the possible methods and techniques
to cook vegetarian, to get your cat to give one paw and then the other, to sing like
Suzanne Boyle or to develop your expertise in the field you love.

You now own a priceless richness in the form of knowledge that you can use
to build your business.

Tell Your Story On Your Blog

If you already have a blog, you have an audience with the same problem you are
going to solve.

In one year, you will become an expert in your field and you will hold the keys that
solve this particular problem.

You already have potential customers ready and hungry to buy your first product.

All you need to do now is to open your online shop.

During your year of training, your blog can be your logbook where you
share your experience and discoveries with your audience: what you’ve learned,
what you’ve tested, what worked successfully and what didn’t etc.

Previously, I was talking about writing down what you learned in notebooks, but you
can also use your blog.

If you don’t have a blog, you can start creating one right now within minutes using

Launch your blog, buy 20 books and video trainings on the subject, and subscribe to 3
associations of people with the same passion. Use your blog to tell your story and allow
people to follow your progression on the way to success.

In a few months, you will have cumulated so much information that you will have become
an expert for many of your readers.

You will know exactly how to solve their problems, because you have already been where
they are now and you have tried everything to succeed in your field. And you finally

You know what really works and what is just a waste of time.

You know the strategies that really bring results and you share them, by selling a
product tailored to your customers’ needs.

You Will Never Be Done With Learning

Whether it is marketing, chicken farming or golf playing, the more we learn about
something, the more we discover that we don’t know anything, and that the knowledge
is almost unlimited.

You think you have reached the end of the road after climbing to the top of a hill,
and you discover that a mountain is hidden right behind the hill, and so on.

So to keep it short, this single resolution can really change everything and be the
adventure of your life.

And it can start right now, just after having read these few words.

Let’s get to work!

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