Facebook ADDICT? Two Tools To Reduce Your Consumption By 50% Today

Are You spending too much time on social networks like Facebook or Twitter?

If so, the bad news finally came:

Social Media Are More Addictive Than Booze and Cigs

But no worries.

You don’t need to rush on special patches or gums as smokers do.

Even better, you don’t have to close all your accounts.

Here is how to solve the problem right today with these two great tools.

Register to Nutshell Mail

Nutshell Mail is a free service that sends you by email all you have to know
about all your social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

You receive one or several emails per day, according to your choice. You can even choose
the time you want to receive this or these emails.

The content of this email is fully customizable: it can display, for instance, the private
messages received on Facebook, the latest news of your friends, the answers coming from
your Twitter account and so on.

In fact, you only receive the content you choose to receive.

Consult Your Social Networks At Fixed Hours

If you know the Inbox Zero method to manage your emails, you surely know that the best
way to manage your emails is by checking them at fixed time slots.

Checking your inbox obsessively several times an hour would only interrupt your workflow
and keep you from getting into a good rhythm.

For social networks, this is the same.

Using Nutshell Mail will allow you to group your different inboxes and to consult them all at
once, during the time slots you choose.

Start To Use Seesmic

Seesmic allows you to publish a status, a message, a picture or any other content
at the same time on Facebook, Twitter and many other sites.

This way, you no more need to log in separately to each of the services you use to share

You can even create groups of people, which include various accounts (friends, family,
business relations etc.)

The huge advantage of Seesmic, is that you can publish an update without needing to see
the ones of your friends, your messages, your notifications etc.

You keep your mind free: you don’t need to consult all the news when you publish content.

Seesmic also provides you a bookmarklet that allows you to share instantly a link opened in
your web browser.

Deactivate Your Email Notifications

It sounds obvious.

If you use Nutshell Mail or an equivalent service, you will never again need to
receive notifications from Twitter and Facebook.

You are informed of all the news that interest you, but without needing to be connected all
day long to your accounts, and without receiving 20 email notifications every day.

It is great to have more time for things other than Facebook or Twitter, isn’t it?

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