Email Marketing: The Art Of Starting A Business In 3 Days With A Simple Newsletter

You may have heard it thousands of times:

Building a subscriber’s list is the most important tool you need to build a strong and lasting
online business.

A good list allows you to generate income in the long term, to launch easily new
sites or products, and to promote affiliate offers.

You can launch a real business around a newsletter in only 3 days.

Here is how:

Day #1: Create A List And A Free Product

Open an account on Aweber, Getresponse, iContact or another competing platform that
allows you to manage your subscribers’ list and to schedule sequential messages (day 1,
day 2 etc.).

Create a product you are going to offer for free to your subscribers.

It can be a pdf document, a mini-course emailed automatically every day during one week,
a video etc.

This product can make the promotion of another one, and/or contain affiliate links.

In other words, the product you give away for free is much more a sales ambassador than a
simple product aimed to encourage subscribing.

Day #2: Create A Landing Page

Create a simple landing page on which you “showcase” your free product.

A landing page is a mini sales page with simple arguments and a subscription form.

Create two different versions of this page, and test their efficiency.

Keep the version that has the best subscription rate.

Then, create another landing page, and test it.

Optimize constantly your landing page to improve your results.

Day #3: Launch A Pay-Per-Click Campaign

By promoting your landing page using a service such as Adwords or Microsoft Ad Center,
you will build your list very quickly.

Of course, these services are not free but they are a measured investment.

Once you know the subscription rate of your squeeze page and your CPC (Cost Per Click) on
Adwords, then you can calculate very easily the cost per subscriber.

You will want to get an income per subscriber bigger than your cost per subscriber, and you
have several months to reach this target.

The best is to make this investment profitable as from the first days following
the subscription, for instance through the promotions made inside your free product.

You can continue to make profits from your list in the long term, by sending regularly
targeted promotions to affiliate offers, or to products you have created.

Build a solid relation with your subscribers.

Aggressive, hard-selling approaches are often the least efficient.

You will sell much easier if you give before receiving.

Instead of pushing your offers immediately, prove first your expertise by offering
high quality content.

By using your newsletter to create a strong and honest relation with your subscribers, you
ensure yourself a long lasting business.

On the contrary, spamming your subscribers’ list once or several times a day with aggressive
promotional offers, is a recipe to make your subscribers click massively on the unsubscribe
link of your newsletter.

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