BLOGGING: A Proven WINNING Strategy Every Blogger Should Use

If you are a blogger, you may appreciate to know exactly how to think your strategy to make it a winning one, and maximise your blog profits.

The best is that this strategy works in EVERY niche, so you don't have to worry and wonder if it can be applied to YOUR personal niche: YES it can!

This article from Blog Tyrant will surely help you in your blogging strategy:

Today I want to give you a few ideas on how to develop a blogging strategy that will grow your
blog regardless of the niche you’re in.

I bet you’ve got a few subscribers on your blog.

You might even have a pretty decent trickle of traffic coming in from Google.

Those things are awesome.

But why can’t you crack through to the next level? Why can’t you make those hundreds of visitors into tens of thousands?

It’s simple: very few people have a deliberate strategy for their blog.

Most people post, tweet and promote blindly – throwing a bunch of things at the wall to see what sticks. But, by making a few targeted changes you can grow your blog in big ways, much quicker than you thought.

NOTE: This strategy assumes that you are on a self-hosted blogging setup with control to the backend, mailing list, etc.


Do you have the four foundations of a successful blog?

Something I have noticed over the years is that there is a gap between the blog that people would like to run and the things that they actually do to make that happen.

The blogs that succeed almost always:

  • Have short and long term goals
    There is a very deliberate idea of what they want to achieve after a defined period of time.
  • Have a specific strategy in mind
    They don’t just post and hope. The best blogs know what is going to happen at every stage of the process.
  • Spend money
    Can you imagine starting a shop and not spending money on advertising, fitout and stock? The best blogs know that, a lot of the time, you need to spend some money to make it work (or at least speed things up).
  • Have well thought out brands
    Ever noticed that the best blogs just “seem” different? That’s deliberate branding. They’ve thought about their point of difference and how to stand out from the crowd.