3 Mistakes to avoid when starting YOUR online business

Here are three things you should absolutely avoid when starting your online business.

You will have to know on what exactly you should focus on, what is secondary, and how to maximize your time and spend it on the IMPORTANT things.

Everything you need to know to start your online business the good way is here, in this article from Amy Porterfiel:

I started my online business in 2009. Not that long ago, but it feels like forever. Entrepreneur years are like dog years, you know?

That first year I was a hustler. In 2009 I hustled all over the place. I went to over 30 networking events, in and out of my town, 10 out of state conferences, took over 40 flights that year (more than a month of 2009 was spent in the air!) and offered “free consulting call” after “free consulting call.”

Even when I wasn’t physically hustling around the country, I was hustling around the web.

I wasted months perfecting my website, my business cards, my logo, my tagline and I spent countless hours checking out everyone else’s sites and comparing myself to them. DANGEROUS territory. I also spoke for free whenever asked, wrote a boatload of guest posts for sites I had never even visited and said “YES” to every opportunity that came my way.

Sound familiar at all?

That first year was rough. And although I believe that every experience shapes us and teaches us valuable lessons, there were a three very specific mistakes I wish I could have dodged.

Mistake #1: Saying YES To Everything Because I Was Afraid (and Uncertain)

I had a corporate job with Tony Robbins that I quit because I wanted to be my own boss. My goal when I left Robbins was to build a business selling my online courses and programs. I was very clear what I wanted to do, just not so clear about how I was going to make it happen.